Where is Mamawapowin free WiFi currently available?
We currently service the following areas within the Samson Cree Nation:
  • C-block
  • H block (Horseshoe)  
  • Enclave 10
How do I access Mamawapowin free WiFi?
Connecting to Mamawapowin free WiFi can be done in three simple steps:

Step 1. Find the network menu on your device.

Step 2. Select misoweskamihk nitawatawin (the Plains Cree word for internet).

Step 3. Click the connect button in the terms of service pop-up.

Why is Mamawapowin WiFi free?
We believe that internet access has the power to dramatically improve quality of life and strengthen community. For these reasons, Mamwapowin is committed to providing free WiFi.
Do I need a router or modem to access Mamawapowin free WiFi?
No. Mamawapowin will provide all the necessary hardware for you to access the free WiFi.
Is there a limit on the amount of data I can use?
No. Mamawapowin free WiFi offers unlimited data usage. However, we do practice  network quality and traffic management to ensure equal system speed for all users.
Can I use my own router to access Mamawapowin free WiFi?
No. Mamawapowin will provide the modem and WiFi access points needed for you to access the free WiFi.
How can I test my internet speed?
It’s easy! Visit  https://speedof.me/ to test the speed
My internet is not working. How long can an outage last?
Outages are dependent on our third-party provider and are usually due to technical difficulty so outage times may vary.
How do I get service or support with technical difficulties?
Connect with us on Facebook or use the contact page.
Does Mamawapowin offer other services?
Right now, we are offering free wifi for the community, and we hope to expand out to the neighbouring Nations in order to provide free wifi coverage for all of the Maskwacis region.